Because sometimes I really will buy something because it’s name makes me laugh

I am not sure if you have picked up on this or not, but there are times I can be…well…immature.  Here is photographic evidence that I will buy something I don’t need or want and will probably not use simply because the name makes me laugh.

Exhibit A:(Well, actually, I only need one in this case.  It is damning enough!)


Growing. Organs. And it is a big HAND.  Come on people, it doesn’t get any more immature than that.  Especially when you almost wet your pants laughing at it while standing in line with other adults and their children at a Big Name Halloween Headquarters.  That is, until the guy in front of you figures out why you are laughing, totally cracks up too and buys one for himself.  Which makes you literally double over in laughter because all you can think is:  “Guess he needs a hand for a growing organ, too!”

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