Come play! You know you want to!

Come play! You know you want to!

I’ll be honest and admit that when I agreed to be on the Mommyblogging panel at Blogher ‘05, I had no idea there would be the kind of passion behind it that we received.  In fact, in the BlogHer follow-up survey, it was noted that “A number of attendees here requested a Mommyblogging category – “Family” wasn’t the preferred category.” Before the conference, many people thought of mommybloggers as all fluff and little content.  Afterwards, many people changed their views about mommybloggers as they learned that there is so much diversity in this genre of blogging! You couldn’t possible cover all of the topics that moms who blog cover.  We are hoping with this site, you too will discover the diversity and talent of those who have been labeled mommybloggers.

Like it or not, the term mommyblogger is the label attached to many women who have ever written about their children.  Some shun it.  Some could care less.  Personally, I would rather embrace it than be insulted by it.  To make it our own rather than “theirs”.  To prove that being a mommyblogger is not equivalent to being a fluff writer.  We are diverse.  We are strong.  And we are making an impact on the world around us.

So together with Meghan Townsend of I’m ablogging and Jenny Lauck of Three Kid Circus, we have created a new site that celebrates diversity in the community of blogging parents:

Each week we will feature a new blogger.  We will introduce you to this blogger and the following day we will hand the blog over to them so they can share their ideas, views and thoughts.  Our first featured blogger is this Monday.  You will want to come meet her.  She is amazing! 

So come over to mommybloggers and say hi! You know you want to!


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