I heart People Magazine

I heart People Magazine

Excuse me while I publically give an “I told you so” to a friend of mine who replies “ewww” everytime I mention the name Matthew. I have been proven correct.  As in validated.  Totally in the right.  My Matt has been recognized as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. (On sale this week!) And this had nothing to do with me shamelessly posting his picture on this blog when I get bored.  (I do know of at least one woman who agrees with me.) The rest of you, you’ll find your own somewhere in the magazine.  Or not.  Doesn’t matter to me.  You can’t have mine.

I have told you before how eager I get every Friday to receive my People Magazine.  I mean, Friday is People day. (Speaking of which, how many of you remember that annoying little ditty they sang when advertising People?  buhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh Peeeeopllllllle!) Friday is Stalk the Mailman day.  This Friday, I am totally camping out by the mailbox.  (What?  You have your issues life.  I have mine.)

The article can be found on People Magazine’s website.  Because I know you want to read it.

*(Though I will say the deodorant thing did throw me a bit.)


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