I’m back! I’m back!

I’m back! I’m back!

My goodness, people. I had no idea that the combination of trying to keep me from housework and the mass exodus over to Mommybloggers would cause our poor little pain in the ass thorn in my side hard working server to have a nervous breakdown.  Never fear, my live in geek has saved the day.

Thank you for your support with our big launch over at Mommybloggers.  We appreciate it so much!  Our interview with Mir is up and running now.

You want to know the real reason everything crashed?  Because I told you all that I would avoid housework to blog.  I think Clint sent the tiny little server attackers to go attack this blog and Mommybloggers in order for me to actually do laundry.  HA!  Jokes on him.  Rather than that I just called him all day and whined and cried and threatened everything from his wardrobe to his car to the server’s grandchildren.  Not that any of that worked.  But truth is that there was no laundry done.  See?  No one wins!

But, and I do know at least one reader who will be thrilled to know that I have been working on my writing that is far overdue.  But, yippeee…the server is back. I can BLOG.  And do interviews!  And all those things that require a calm mind and working server.  Oh yeah, and meet deadlines.  That, too.  Really.

I will be back to blog more later.  For now, go praise Mir and enjoy our little chat with her!


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