Is it tomorrow yet’?

Is it tomorrow yet’?

Today is a fun day over at Mommybloggers! We have the one…the only…Busy Mom serving up the snark with us. She is so much fun to be around. We are thinking of locking her in our basement. Only we don’t have one. So, she is off the hook.

Today was Gabrie’s Thanksgiving Feast at school. Which is why there is no content here. Well, that is part of the reason. The real reason is because–and I hope you are sitting down because it is really probably I am sure considered to be a backsliding situation for my entire PTA status– but all I know is that as soon as I dropped off Gabrie at her school, I was sucked in the black-hole that is the PTA of Stepford.  It started with one of my very dearest friends (who happens to be a Stepford in Denial) asking if I could help her. Normally I would fake phone troubles or hurl myself to the ground seizing and drooling until it scared her off. But she doesn’t scare easily and knows all of my stunts to get out of all things PTA. Besides, she said the magic phrase: I am SO quitting PTA this year.

Welcome to the Dark Side, sweetie.  The Force is strong within you.

And with that Big PTA Fun and the feast, my day was sucked away from me. Because once the kids get home, to even entertain the idea of gaining access to my computer or being able to maintain a thought through the chaos is a lesson in futility!

So, if you need fun, go over to Mommybloggers and share your love for Busy Mom and be the first to get tickets to Busy Mom and theBloggers kick off tour!


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