It’s a Boy! (a week past its due date!)

It’s a Boy! (a week past its due date!)

(My apologies to Andi Buchanan.  This was to post last week and with the server change over (did I mention there would be a server change?) I was seeing this as posted but no one else was.)

I was sent the book It’s a Boy! a while back.  During the chaos of my personal life.  I carried it around with me to have something to read while sitting in the many waiting rooms, hospital rooms and traffic jams.  (What?  You don’t read when stuck in hours of traffic?  What do you do?  Pick your nose?  Because I totally saw you on the freeway the other day.)

This book was thoroughly enjoyable!  I lived 7 years of being mom to just boys.  I loved it!  It was all I wanted.  In fact, I could not imagine a life as a mom to girls. 

It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons, edited by Andrea J. Buchanan, features 30 essays exploring “boy-ness” and the mother-son relationship. Taking on topics from aggression (“The Bully’s Mother”) to mothering a teenaged boy (“Shapeshifter”) to wishing for a daughter but getting a son (“Breaking the Curse”), the stories in IT’S A BOY reflect the ways women have found the particular experience of mothering boys to be different, but no less satisfying, than mothering girls. Featuring contributors Stephany Aulenback, Karen Bender, Kathryn Black, Robin Bradford, Gayle Brandeis, Faulkner Fox, Katie Allison Granju, Ona Gritz, Gwendolen Gross, Melanie Lynn Hauser, Marrit Ingman, Susan Ito, Suzanne Kamata, Katie Kaput, Jennifer Lauck, Caroline Leavitt, Jody Mace, Jennifer Margulis, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Catherine Newman, Sue O’Doherty, Marjorie Osterhout, Jamie Pearson, Lisa Peet, Jodi Picoult, Maura Rhodes, Rochelle Shapiro, Kate Staples, and Marion Winik.

I “met” Andrea a while back when I first started to blog.  She was so very helpful when I was asking her for help with the business (and busy-ness) of the writing life.  She was willing to help answer my questions. (My many, many questions!) So, I was more than happy to help her out when she asked people to help promote and share information about her newest book It’s a Boy! More than once as I was reading this book I found myself nodding my head in recognition.

Want to hear more about it? 

Check out this interview with Andi

Here is the information about her book blog tour.  (And how cool is this idea?  I am so going to have to steal borrow from her.

Are you hooked yet?  You should be!  But just in case you are not, read the introduction (Just an fyi, it is pdf file.)


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