Just call me ‘Mommy Needs TiVo’

Just call me ‘Mommy Needs TiVo’

Leaders of the small Texas town of Clark (population 125) voted unanimously Tuesday night to rename the southwestern Denton County town DISH.  The (previously) named town of Clark, TX have agreed to make it official admist both praise and criticism.  They are now known as DISH, Texas.  As in DISH Network.  Each household in DISH, Texas will now receive a free DISHNetwork account for 10 years.  Free. Plus a free DVR.  Because they ditched the name Clark and were the first to rename themselves DISH.

“If the city does make the move, all 125 residents will get 10 years of free satellite television plus a free digital video recorder from DISH Network, the nation’s number two satellite service.

In order to comply with terms of the offer, the town would have to be the first to officially change its name to DISH (all capital letters).

“At first, I didn’t even know I was living in the town of Clark,” said Tony Earle, a relatively new citizen in the community. “Nobody even know’s it’s here, anyway, If I’m going to get the benefit of 10 years’ free service, I don’t have a problem with it.

[City council member Joe Ratliff] argues “If we’re going to be the laughingstock of the country, that’s not a very good deal.” He goes on to say, “Why don’t we just call it ‘double wide?’” “

So in the interest of consumer love, the voters here at Mommy Needs Coffee have decided to change our name to Mommy Needs Tivo.  Because really, I am all about selling out to get myself some TiVo lovin’!


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