Mommy Needs Coffee and a few t-shirts

Mommy Needs Coffee and a few t-shirts

Look what I got for my birthday!  I have wanted to have something like this for a while, but just never did it .  Now, I am official.  I must be.  There is an official t-shirt.  That makes someone official, doesn’t it?  I’ll have to look that up.


It even has this on the back. There is a story behind it, but let’s just keep it as self-explanatory.  I am having a lot of fun with it.  And surprisingly enough, there are a lot more people out there who get it than I thought.  The strangest was when I wore it to a bookstore and someway noticed it and said, “I read her!  Do you know her.” I didn’t even deny knowing her.  Not at all.  But I did tell him she was a lot more stable then she appeared on her blog and then maniacially giggled.  It was not the best time for my son to come pipe up with “It’s her blog you know.  She is the mommy who needs coffee.”

Apparently the gentleman realized he immediately had an appointment as he suddenly raced off towards to checkout.  I am sure he must’ve remembered an important meeting.  Surely, my crazy wasn’t that scary! 

The way I see it, they’ve been warned! 


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