MomWriters(TM) Wroters? Writteners?

MomWriters(TM) Wroters? Writteners?

I am a part of a listserv that has been invaluable to my career as a writer.  That list is now suffering from an explosion (implosion?) of sorts.  If you are not a member of MomWroters (totally stole that one from Joshilyn), this may mean nothing to you.  Mir and Martha are also talking about it.  (Have I mentioned how much I love these women?  Well, I totally do. So there.) If that is the case, wait about an hour and I will post the entry I was working on.

I have been active online with either a BBS, a website, listserv…you name it since at least 1990. I have geeked it up on the best of them.  Which is why it is no surprise that when a good site/list gets big, it will either become a huge success or it will shoot itself in the foot.  Sadly, I think I may be looking at a list with a very damaged foot.  I thought about writing something eloquent and thoughtful.  Something thought provoking and inspirational to the NotSoMomWriters (NoSoTM) who are angry, hurt or just have their heads spinning from all of this.  But then I read what Joshilyn had to say and knew she said it much better than I could.  Perhaps I can plagarize her.  Nah, I’ll just send you over there to read it yourself.

*sigh* Does progress and success always lead to self-destruction?


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