Strangers in the network….exchanging pingings

Strangers in the network….exchanging pingings

Apparently my laptop has a crush on my husband’s laptop.  Late last night in our bedroom, we were doing what all married geek couples do alone in bed at night–surfing and blogging–when suddenly my computer made a noise I had never heard before.  I liken it to the infamous “schwinnnnng!” of Wayne’s World.  Then a little icon that closely resembled a bulls-eye pops up. 

“What was that?” I panicked.  I mean, if my computer mocks me or makes threatening advances towards me when I am alone, that is one thing, but when the master geek is directly beside me, I begin to wonder what I did to cause such a bizarre response from my computer.

He glances over as it does it again.  “schwinnnnnnnnggg!” As we both stare at my computer in confusion, suddenly a response is heard from his computer, “schhhhhuuuuuwinnnnnnnnng”.  Then back to mine.  Then back to his!  We must’ve have looked like the RCA dog watching a tennis match.

Then my computer declares it’s reason for schwinginess (totally a word, by the way!) with a message:  “Another computer is located nearby” pops up as a warning.  I hurridly sneak a glance at Clint’s computer as his has the same reaction.

“Look!  They love each other!  My computer it totally crushing on your computer!  And your’s is in l-o-v-e too!  Just look at his hard drive!”

It was at this point I dissolved into a fit of giggles as Clint rolled his eyes so far back into his head he could watch his brain seize with the effort of dealing with my late night adventures.  (Remember the Shadow of Doooooom?)

An exasperated Clint replies with, “They are computers.  It is the network. It is the network doing it’s job.”

“No, baby, they are in love!  They felt each other’s presence accross the vast expance of the distance between them and reached out with a “schwinnnnnnnnng” of love.”

“Jenn! You are less than a foot away from me.”

“Oh would it kill you to just go with it for the love of all things sentimental! “*huffy sigh*

“You do know that if you blog this, Jenn, they just may have to take away your geek card, right?”

“Hmmm, and you do know that if I get my geek card taken away, Clint, you will automatically get your Ever-Having-Sex-With-My-Wife-Again card taken away as well.  Did you read the fine print there, my friend?  I am guessing not.  Feel free to think about it sweetie, I can wait.”

“Awwwwwwwwwww, how sweet that our computers are in love and found each other!  There.  Now does that count?  You won’t blog it?”

“Totally counts…

…But still blogging it.”


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