Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk

I think one of the hardest things about loving someone who is sick is the helpless feeling that accompanies it.  The need to be able to do something, anything to make a difference.  But many times you just say “I wish I could do something” and it ends there. 

Which is why I totally adore and admire my very good friend, Mir.  You see, one of her friends–a long time friend she met 9 years ago in the vastness that is the Internet– was diagnosed with breast cancer.  You can read all about Julie and Mir and the angry reaction that occurs when you love someone who has been diagnosed with something that is out of your control.  Speaking as the niece of a breast cancer survivor, I know that anger all too well. And have even MORE admiration for Mir for taking on something as amazing as the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk.  Talk about putting your money feet where your mouth is! 

Mir is an amazing woman.  If you don’t already know that, than you obviously have never read her site.  So why don’t you join me and others in supporting her in raising money to ensure that our daughters and nieces never have to struggle through the anguish that is breast cancer. 

Please support her.  Go to her secure site and help donate to this amazing cause and this amazing woman. I’m am proud to donate to not only support Mir and Julie, but in honor of my Aunt. If you do donate, give Mir a shout out and let her know you are supporting her.  I know it would mean a lot to her. 


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