Grey matter or something like that

Grey matter or something like that

While going through my nightly ritual of pushing, shoving and kicking time to stop showing up all over my face, I noticed a very light hair just to the left of my part.  I leaned closer to the mirror and took a closer look.  Highlight?  No.  Looks different from a normal highlight.  Oh for the love of granny grabass, it is a GREY hair!  Grey!  I yanked that puppy out.  (I know.  You pull it out, it will bring back 6 of it’s bitchy friends to talk over your scalp. Form a coup and then it is all out warfare.  Or is it warhair?)

I didn’t yank it out in anger.  I didn’t yank it out in frustration.  I yanked it out in excitement to race to show my husband.  “Look!  I am old like YOU!  Look!” But sadly, I dropped it.  Do you know how hard it is to find a grey hair on cream colored carpet?

So instead, he got to hear this story that you are reading now.

Yep.  He reacted about like you are now.


I think that says it all.

Too bad I have an appointment with my colorist next week so any trace of a grey hair will be eradicated.  But it was there.  I can now officially blame my children for turning me grey.  That rocks!


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