Jenn’s Poll [sic] Dancing

Jenn’s Poll [sic] Dancing

There are some days that just go beyond description.  Some days where you look to the heavens and yell, “WTF?!” I had one of those days today.  Instead of blathering on about the events that lead up to wine, whine and early pj’s, I will give you a choice. 

Yes, friends, today is Jenn’s Wednesday Poll Dance Day.  You decide which story you want and I will blog it tomorrow.  Your call.  Your decision.  Just like politics American Idol Dancing With The Stars well, something…your vote counts.

So tell me.  Which four-letter word as a parent makes you cringe the most.  Sends you to your knees hoping that it is not as bad as you think.  Which four-letter word do you want to hear about:

A) Hurt

B) Lice

C) Bite

Due to these 3 four letter words, I had a few of my own.  I won’t actually share them with you, but I imagine you can guess.  So go on.  VOTE.  Tell me which one makes you cringe and why!  It is time to do a poll dance at Jenn’s blog!


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