Mommy Bloggers do it on national tv

Mommy Bloggers do it on national tv

Before Christmas I wrote an entry that I stored in my drafts folder and forgot about it.  With everything that was going on, it was the last thing on my mind.  Well, long story short, I had a phone call today with a producer that reminded me about this post.  I thought now might be a good time to whip this baby out.

So, here I sit.  I am trying to look intelligent like I have something really important to say and that the typing I am doing is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.  But in fact, all I can think about is “I have nothing to say I have nothing to say holy shit I have nothing to say” Why do I care?  Well, because breathing down my neck is a camera crew filming my every word.  Yes, a camera crew.  As in for the news.  I wonder what they will record if I start typing every profanity known to man?  Probably cut me from the piece, I imagine.

Here’s the deal.  The camera crew is here to do a story on how blogging has gone mainstream.  I am one of the lucky ones they are interviewing.  But I am nervous that I am going to come off sounding like Forrest Gump on a bad day. I mean this is my first on camera interview.  And the story is a national story.  NATIONAL as in….you might see it.  It will air nationally on local news programs all over the country. 

Oh for the love of hot lights, sweaty pits and freaking out don’t they have enough footage yet?  Yep.  I am sure none of this will go on.  Okay, this part is crap.  I better just go write a real entry about my KIDS or something since I am the MOMMY BLOGGER section of this story.  But really, you can hear my heart racing through the screen, can’t you?

That was what I had saved in my draft.  I talked to the producer today and she asked me if I saw the piece. 

Uhhhh, no. 

With everything that was going on with Mom, I never followed up on when it would air etc.  So, I missed it.  Only I could miss a story that went out to stations nationwide and have no clue it did so!  BUT, I have found it in the archives of one of the local stations in Philadelphia.  (Go Philly! Way to churn out those old archives!  Still hunting down the other ones, but am too tickled pink to work too hard on that one yet.) Turns out they changed the whole angle of the story.  It went from all about blogging and a small section about mommy blogging, to all about my blog and mommy blogging. 

[I will pause now while I freak the hell out and vomit a little bit.]

Okay, I am back.

I added a few screen captures.  I was so damn nervous I managed to get absolutely NO pictures of the cameras etc.  I didn’t even get one of me when I threw up into the camera bag with all of the expensive equipment.  Okay, that part didn’t happen.  But it might have.


Editor’s note:  I have been requested to post the link to the story.  Here is one of the one’s that aired. (It is the third story down on the left hand side of the page.) Can you tell I wanted to vomit?

Update:  I have had a few emails asking me about how this came about since I had not mentioned it.  First of all, I didn’t mention it because I wasn’t sure when it would be aired or if it would be.  I wanted to wait until I heard more about it.  So anyway, since you asked, I thought I would share the experience. 

In December a national news producer contacted me after reading my blog and wanted to talk to me about doing a story regarding blogging going mainstream and how mommy bloggers are being a “power to be noticed”.  (Ya think?) I was hesitant at first, but after talking more in depth about it with her and some close friends that I trust, we decided to go for it and hope it was done respectfully.  (It was.  Thank you, Ms. Producer who wishes not to be named but is so sweet I would tattoo her name on my…well I would get one of those press on tattoos at least.) So, after having to reschedule due to losing my voice (perfect timing, no?) I decided to go for it.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would be used or would only get a brief showing, so I didn’t bother to stress the whole “what will I wear” or “my hair really needs styled” business.  And you can so totally tell, can’t you.  (Which really did save me much time and energy.)

When the camera showed up, I look at the woman camera person and pulled her aside, grabbing her by her arm nearly jerking it out of its socket.  “Please, for the sake of sisterhood everywhere, do not let me make an ass of myself.  Please.  If not for me, then for ….well, it is totally for me but please.” I even offered to wash her car or polish her shoes or something. 

Then I shared that I thought I just might vomit in her camera bag.  That is when she backed off and begged ME not to do that to her.  We had a deal. 

Her= making sure I am not an ass.  Me= Not vomiting in her camera bag.

The whole thing took a couple of hours, but after things started rolling it really was a lot of fun! Some of the questions made me roll my eyes and stammer a bit, but thankfully that was left out.  (“Can you tell me what the term mommy blogger means?  I mean, do I really want to open up that can of worms on tv seeing as how it can eat away at the Internet?  I answered, though.) The kids enjoyed asking everything about every single piece of equipment. Even our huge doberman Harley didn’t try to eat the face off of the camera woman.  The producer was really fun to work with and we have talked about working together more on other stories.  All in all, I can say it was a fabulous time and I am really glad I did it!

So that is how it happened.  I would have told you, my closest and dearest friends earlier, but I just didn’t follow up after everything that was happening with Mom.  I wish I had because she told me it did air nationwide. She is sending me a link to the stations it aired on.  Because, hey, a girl wants to know these things!  Anyway, thanks for the fun round of “oooh and ahhhh” and we will just forget about the comments that say things like “Oh, girl, that Texas twang!” Because Nuh-uh…do NOT! 


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