Tell me in 6 words what you think

Tell me in 6 words what you think

I don’t usually do these.  (Wait, don’t all bizarre and ’I always do this but pretend I don’t‘ stories start that way?  Ewww) But really, I don’t usually do these, but I saw it around a few places and thought it would be fun.  Honestly, I would love to link to where I found it, but I have no idea.  You know how you go to one site and that takes you to another, and so on and so on and so on until you have no idea where you started.  Yeah, that is how I found this.  (If you posted it, it might be you.  Speak up!)

So basically, it is one of those personality assessment things.  You have to pick just six words to describe yourself and then you open it up to others and they pick 6 words to describe you.  (No, bitch and cranky are not listed.  Be nice.) So, I thought, what the hell.  Let’s lighten things up after my last post.

If you go here, you can pick 6 words that you think describe me.  Be nice.  Or not.  Just be honest.  And leave a name I will know you by.  Or not.  It will be interesting to see how YOU see me.  (Then you can make your own and I can tell you what I think of you!  muhahahaha)

Come on.  What else do you have to do on a boring Thursday?

Comment and let me know you played.  Then pass it on.  We can psychoanalyze the entire Internet before next week.


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