The one where I pretend to post but it really doesn’t count as a post

A real update is coming soon.  Honest.  I have just received so many amazing emails from people checking on me that I wanted to let you all know that I really am okay am here.  Things are just really, really hard right now.  I will be back in a day or two. I promise.  Just give me a bit to try to get “the mental” back.  Because sometimes life can just be too much and you need to have the help of those you love to get you through.  Thanks to friends who have understood even when I let them down this past weekend (I am so sorry!) and to friends who take panicked phone calls while I babble incoherently (and hearing what I am not saying!) and to my sister who made that horrific drive from Houston to Dallas just to help me out of this black hole.

I do have updates on birthdays, goodbyes and breakdowns.  Soon.  I promise.


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