Bring back my geeks to me!

Bring back my geeks to me!

I am surrounded by GEEKS.  Here a geek.  There a geek.  Everywhere a Geek Geek.  Saturday night all three of my Geek-guys were playing online games.  (I refer to them as Geek 1/Clint, Geek2/Brandon and Geek 3/Zarek.  They know when I call out Geek 2 who I am calling for.  It is rather pathetic, I must say.) But you would think I would at least have my daughter.  Oh no!  She is sitting on the family room floor playing PS2.  Argh!  My home is infested with geeks.  I know, there are worse things in the worlds than that.  And why would it bother me?  Well, that is very simple.  I WAS BORED.

I mean, B-O-R-E-D!  Everyone was geekified and I had nothing to do.  Oh sure, I could clean.  (Yeah right!) Or work on the many writing projects I had to do. (All of the computers were taken.) Or I could watch tv. (500 channels and nothing to keep my Shiny Penny Brain entertained.) So I decided if I couldn’t beat them, they will join me. 

I went outside to the trampoline.  I started jumping on it and singing on the top of my lungs. 

“My Bonnie lies over the OCEEAAAANNNNNNNN!!!  My bonnie lies over the Seeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!! My bonnie lies over the ocean!  Ohhhhhh bring back my bonnie to meeeee!  Brrrrrrrrrringggg back!  Brrrrrrrrrrringg back!  Oh bring back my bonnie to meeeeeeee to MEEEEEEEEEE!!”

Which of course inspired me to grandeur!  I began verse two:

“My family, they are such big Geeeeeekwads!  Boring geeeeekwads, that is myyyy familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  They all are inside being GEEEEEEEKYYYYYY!!  Oh bring out my familyyyy to MEEEEEEEEEE!  BRRRRING OUT!  BRRRRING OUT!  OH BRING OUT MY GEEEEEEEKWADS to MEEEEEEEEEE to MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Bring OUT!  Bring OUT!  Oh Bring out my GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKWADDDSSSS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

All of this is going on as I jump ungracefully, and rather spastically on the trampoline.  Arms flailing about, legs kicking around as if independent from my body.  Dressed in the oh so fashionable attire of boxer shorts and a t-shirt.  And, yes, you can see me if you are a neighbor behind or beside me.  And yes, they did come out to see what the noise was.  I just kept jumping and singing as loudly as I could. 

As soon as I noticed my new neighbor watching me in horror, I shouted, “Join me!  The chorus is easy!” And sang more on the top of my lungs now while conducting my horrified neighbor to the beat.

Gabrie was the first to hear me and come running.  Then Harley (the Doberbutt) started to bark which brought out Geek 3.  Once the door was open and Geek 1 heard me (yes, the husband) he came outside.  Stood there with his hands on his hips and just stared.  I would say shocked, but nothing I do shocks him anymore.

Before long, I had what I wanted.  All 5 of us jumping on the trampoline laughing and having fun.

And then it happened.  The horror of all horrors for (some) Moms who have pushed out 4 babies.  I went for the SUPER jump to bounce them all.  And Ms. I-Cannot-Take-Antics-Like-This Bladder gave up and said, “Fine.  Act like a child, I will treat you like a child!’ And therefore let loose.

Yes, friends, as my not so graceful feet hit the not so gentle tarp of the trampoline, the bladder, she did give up the ability to deal with me.

I began to laugh.  And laugh.  And double over in laughter.  Gasping for breath I squealed, “I……just…..peed…..myself!” Then doubled over even more at the HORROR on the faces of my family as they wondered if Mom had finally gone over the bend and lost her mind.  Completely.  I mean, they froze.  Which made me laugh harder.  Which of course made me wet myself.

And I was stone cold sober.

Laughing to the point of barely being able to stand, I bid there horror stricken faces farewell and stumbled my way off of the trampoline to go inside and change my clothes.  As I went in, I stopped and looked over my shoulder. I saw Geek 1, 2 and 3 looking horror stricken and sweet little Princess Geek saying, “What?  I do that sometimes.  It’s no big deal!”

That’s my Girl!


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