I am a mommy-mom- mutha blogger!

I am a mommy-mom- mutha blogger!

Did you know that there is actually animosity towards the term “mommyblogger”?  Who knew?  (For the 10 of you who did not know that, bless you and may the bliss of that particular ignorance keep your life stress free forever and ever amen!)

I thought maybe the following might cover enough bases so as not to offend, piss off, give the heebie-jeebies to, make skin crawl or flat out cause an uncontrollable ability to make a mean comment or send hate mail.  I think I just may have covered enough bases so as to not offend.  I mean, calling someone a bitch gets you less grief than a “mommyblogger”, people!

What do you think? (click to enlarge)

Yes, you can sport one too! With your own url and everything!


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