I am full of shirt

I am full of shirt

Ugh.  You know how you worship your laptop computer and have bought it one of those little doggie beds and you tuck it in gently with it’s own blanket each night?  (Or is that just me?) So anyway, I made a file of all of the requests for my t-shirts.  And you know what happened.  IT CRASHED.  My laptop said bye-bye to my files that I had stored.  Which means what?  It means, that if you requested a t-shirt, I have probably lost it.  BUT, I am going through all of my emails to find you all.

I have good news and bad news and good news about the shirts.  The good news is that I have do have some shirts similar to the one in the sidebar.  The bad news is that the ditributor that I got them from went up on prices and I am not using him again and have run out of the original ones I had.  The good news again is that I have some that are very similar to them in my shop. And a few others. 

I am looking to get a new shirt distibutor locally, but if you want one now, go…GO to my shop. and get one now.  (If you do, let me know.  Send me a picture and I will post it in the Mommy Needs Coffee Hall of Fame!)

I will let you know when the new shirts from the new distributor come in.  But until then, the Zazzle shirts are great! 

Oh, and in case you missed this message before.  ALL (100%) of the proceeds from the sale of any of these shirts go to the Mommybloggers Send A Blogger to BlogHer fund.  So not only do you get to sport your own BLOG YOU shirt, you get to help another blogger (or youself) go to BlogHer ‘06.

Thanks for your patience!


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