Is it possible to have a week of Mondays?

Is it possible to have a week of Mondays?

Let me see if I can sum up my week so far for you.  [Insert ranting, raving and crying now. Funny later.  Ranting now.]

Saturday/early Sunday spent in the ER with my son who broke himself.  But apparently he was able to pick up who knows what kind of cooties there because he has been throwing up violently since then.  Finally it stopped yesterday.  (Did I mention I don’t do vomit?  Can’t handle it.  One of those things that my brain must see as a group project because if someone in my presence tosses their cookies, mine come trailing after.)

Son gets better but cannot go back to school until he gets a hard cast on.  Doctor won’t see him until he is fever free 24 hours.  Fun times.  But the puking stopped.  That’s good, right?  Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that…

…Gabriella picked it up and is now in the same boat with fever and sick all over.  (If you remember from 2 seconds ago, I DO NOT do vomit.  It is in my parental contract that I don’t have to!) But when your poor 5 year old is sick and weak and needs her Mommy, I’m there.  Regardless of the fact that I am a sympathetic puker.

Oh…oh….but see, that would be just a bad week.  I also have the school pissed off at me because Brandon missed all week. During the STANDARDIZED testing.  Major sin in Plano.  MAJOR.  I am thinking the dean realizes she caught me at a bad time when she threatened truancy court and my response was,

“BRING IT because, honey (I am in the south and honey can be used interchangeably with bitch), it would be a welcome vacation to throw my ass in jail where I am not cleaning up anyone’s puke, I have no deadlines and I am not the one responsible for everything that goes wrong.  So, feel free. When shall I be there?”

She pretty much got quiet after that and told me she hopes Brandon feels better soon.

Oh, and I got a job.  Good?  Sure if you like drama.  Because I have attached to my ass a drama magnet.  Need drama?  Sit by me.  It will come.  The ironic part is I am usually trying to ease the drama.  Guess I am not so great at that.  My question to the world, the fates or whoever is rolling the dice of my life… Does everything have to have drama?  I am a part of 3 separate groups right now that are all dealing with drama, drama, drama.  I am not good with drama now.  NOT GOOD.

See?  Jenn=Not stable right now.

And it is only Wednesday.  What a banner frickin’ week!

I think this is the first time since my Mom passed away that I have literally sat down on the floor with my phone in my hand sobbing.  I can honestly say I would give anything for just a 5 minute talk with her.  She can’t help with all of the crap and chaos going on my life, but she would always be able to make me laugh.  I miss her.  And even at 36 years old, I am not afraid to say it.  I want my Mommy.

So how is your week going?


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