It’s getting hot in here, so cut off all our power!*

It’s getting hot in here, so cut off all our power!*

I have checked, rechecked and triple checked my calendar.  Yes, it is ONLY April 17th.  Can someone please tell Mother Nature.  She is in one bitch of a mood right now.  Today, in Dallas, we hit 101 degrees.  IN APRIL!  APRIL. 

The temperature hit 101 at DFW airport Monday afternoon. That broke the old daily record of 94. And it also broke the record for the hottest day ever in the month of April. On April 18, 1925, our temperature hit 100 degrees. So Monday was the hottest day ever in April, and also the hottest ever so early in the year.

Oh, but not only do we get to swelter in the temperatures of hell, but we also got to play that game of Rolling Blackouts!  I think they roll the dice and decide who gets to have their power go out for 15-30 minutes.  No warning.  No set reasoning behind it.  Just la la la going about your business and BAM power out.  (Did I mention I hate heat and sweating and no power?)

Sidenote (because I am all about going off on tangents):  After reading my post on making a suggestion to the power company about cutting-off the power for a while so I could spend time with my freakishyly geekish family and get them off of WoW, there was a brief moment where my boys and husband looked at me in horror.  Bwahaha Slight justice in the feeling that they thought I had that kind of power!) It was all funny until I started to sweat.  No longer funny.

So really, all of you people in the north that I sent my sympathies to while you were digging out from under your few feet of snow (though completely incomprehensible to me!), you can commence feeling sorry for me now.  Go on.  I’ll wait.


In other news….ummm…I am sure I have other news but my freakin brain has melted and oozed all over my keyboard.  Tomorrow, tales of going back to Houston again and the unexpected hurdles that I had to tackle.  I will also share with you the fun mommy guilt that comes when you need to try to find the best ways to help your kids with an issue we are dealing with and there are many ways to go and each one has people who will tell you how wrong you are. 

Tonight, not so much.  Melted. Brain. Remember? 

*With apologies to Nelly for the horrendous rip off of his song.  Hey, I could’ve gone with “My humps.  My humps.  My melting, sweating humps.” But really, that would be wrong for all of us.  Or how about “Since It’s So Hot…I can’t Breathe when I walk outside!” I could do this all night.  But I won’t.  But really, feel free to join me.  Beat me at this game.  I am too hot to be parodious (adj: the ability to use parody without making others vomit too fiercely)! What can you give me?


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