Presenting the multi-talented, oh so feminine tricks of my daughter

Presenting the multi-talented, oh so feminine tricks of my daughter

My daughter is a girl of many talents.  She loves to show off her amazing singing skills.  And occasionally her funky-town dance moves.  A captive audience is all she needs to get going.  In my mind as I saw this type of “on stage” behavior emerge, I begin thinking “Julie Roberts” or “Meg Ryan–minus the manhands” or even “Kate Hudson”.  The possibilities of her amazing enjoyment of being dramatic and performing could make me her famous.

But then you add in the Brother Factor.

The Brother Factor is where you take a feminine, dainty girl who loves to be dressed in pink with bows and girly things and mix in two brothers 5-7 years older than she is.  Be sure to leave them alone as much as possible in order for her to gain as much knowledge and advice as her Big Brothers have to offer.  Let them guide her.  Let them help her to be all that she can be.  Mix well and turn the combination loose on the world.

Suddenly images of Julia, Meg and Kate disappear.  Why?  Because the last time my precious and dainty daughter called me into the room to show me her newest trick, I was expecting a cool dance move or a new song complete with hand motions.  Instead I got the following.

“Mommy!  You must see the coolest trick EVER in the history of me!  Ready?  Ready?”

I brace myself as she sits down.  Uh-oh, I don’t see this as anything good.  And she showed me her new trick.  Wanna see?  Ta-da:


In case is is unclear as to what her AMAZING and TALENTED new trick is…she has figured out that she can pick her nose with her toes.  Taaa-daaaaa!

Yes, Internet, that is my talented daughter who loves to show off.  Somehow I don’t see Julia, Meg or Kate getting their careers started this way.  I blame it completely on the men in my house.  Bad.  Bad influence you testosterone laden male people!


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