The best Dance Dance video ever!

The best Dance Dance video ever!

Because Kidd Kraddick showed me the love reading my blog on his show, I really wanted to reciprocate by sharing his recent accomplishment with you, dear Internet.  Why?  Because Kidd rocks my face off!  That, and I just cannot resist the opportunity to share this with you.

Last week, Kevin Federline/K-Fed/Britney Spear’s sperm donor dropped by the studio to promote….well, I have no idea.  I think he was there to promote his new CD.  (Quit laughing.  Really.  He has one.) A little bit of background so that you can understand that there was a deep-seated need to have bragging rights here.  It has been an ongoing battle for Kidd to try to beat K-Fed in the number of MySpace friends that he has. Why? Well, because he contends that a popular DJ certainly should have more “friends” than someone who hasn’t done much other than marry Britney Spears.  I agree.  It is a complete injustice.  Totally wrong.  Having not met his goal of surpassing K-Fed in the world of, he decided to challenge him to a different sort of contest.

Kidd decided to challenge him to a Dance Off on a Dance Dance Revolution game.  DJ vs. Professional Dancer.  You would think it would be a no-brainer.

I would be completely remiss in my responsibility to you, Internet, if I did not share this video with you.  Enjoy.  But put your drinks down first or you might end up snorting a bit of soda through your nose.


If you just don’t feel like watching it –And, really, why wouldn’t you watch it?  It is great!– I will tell you the results.  Kidd won.  Yes, Kidd the DJ beat K-Fed the professional dancer.  AND Kidd didn’t even realize that there was a space behind him that he was supposed to be using and not just the ones to his left, right and front. 

You gotta love it. 

[UPDATE:  Here is Kidd’s take on the whole thing.  Pretty amusing if you ask me.  But liking the K-Fed?  I am a bit dismayed.]

[UPDATE 2:  The older link was not working, so I have relinked it to a site that has it.  NOW you can enjoy Kidd and K-Fed and their “dance” off.]


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