Will Blog for pay and perks (but mainly pay)

Will Blog for pay and perks (but mainly pay)

Okay, so I am sure that many of you figured out what my good news is.  I am going to go see Busy Mom so that we can put our evil powers to good use in order to take over the world and force everyone to get tattoos saying “I love all mommyloggers!  Power to the Moms!” and then we are going to laugh about our evil ways over coffee…only the best blends, of course!  Actually, not so much true.  I want to go see Busy Mom and I know we could totally take over the world and force those tattoos and stuff, but that is for a later day.  (Do you know how hard it is to tattoo thousands of people at one time using only the Magic Markers we have at our disposal?  We have much planning to do!)

So the real good news is that I got a job!  At home.  Where I can drink coffee, work in my jammies and say, “Not now.  Mommy is working (while surfing the net of course).” Actually, I will be getting paid for it.  A paid blogging gig.  Imagine that?!  Yes, I am one of the several other bloggers you may have come across announcing that they are joining the ranks of ClubMom blogging headed up by the roundup blog queen goddess herself, Amalah. (Suck up much?  Of course!) There are more that I know have signed on to join us, but I will wait until they tell you themselves. 

And really, I am very excited about this!  Although I didn’t come up with some amazing topic that will be life changing like a Weight Loss blog or Training for a Marathon or helping the world to get out of debt forever and ever or even how to establish world peace with just a blog.  I didn’t even sign up for something that would justify my addiction and obsession with the gossip mags that so often frequent my coffee table.  Ready for this one.  I am blog about life with ’tweens

I will pause now while people who know me in real life (a) stop laughing and (b) drop to their knees thankful that they no longer have to be the sole recipients of my rantings and such about my ‘tweens.

I really don’t expect much from this gig in regards of rewards and perks.  I mean, a simple appearance on The View if it is before Meredith Viera leaves or on the Today Show if she has already moved over.  A meeting with Andrew Shue to discuss life and Melrose Place and soccer.  Nationwide fame and fortune.  But other than that, I am not expecting too much.  Oh, what I really do expect is all of you who read me to come over and read me there.  Trust me.  They could use the readers I have here coming over there and commenting and reading there.  Can we say diversification needed?

Anyway, this job came at a perfect time.  It seems the stars are lining up because this is one of a few projects I am working on that are looking (*knock on wood*) pretty good.  Maybe this year IS turning around for the best.  So, promise me you will come see me over there?  Pinky swear?  Because you know I will still love you best!

I will let you know as soon as they name the blog and tell me, oh I don’t know…the url and how to find it because at this point I don’t know.  Just please don’t let them name it something that makes me want to vomit.  No Name Vomit.  That is all I ask.  That and the Today Show.  And fame and fortune. But that is all.

[Update:  I WILL continue to blog here.  Mommy Needs Coffee isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, I will do all I can to keep this one growing and being all that YOU want it to be.  Kind of like the Army, but I won’t make you do pushups or anything! And Mommybloggers will stay active and grow as will BlogHer and my monthly posts at DotMoms.  I plan on handcuffing myself to my laptop, you see! But don’t worry.  This new job and the other things I have lined up are not going to keep me from blogging here or finishing my book.  Those are tops!]

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