Yes, I AM cheating on you with other blogs. But I love YOU best!

Yes, I AM cheating on you with other blogs. But I love YOU best!

image I am not great at list making.  I am more a Post-It note kind of gal.  It really seems like a great idea and it IS fun to rip those post-it notes down when I have finished a project.  But sometimes, it tends to make me feel overwhelmed.  I dunno.  Like maybe I am taking on too much now and then. But I was able to take down two of these post it notes this week!

I came across an amazing post over at Motherhood Uncensored that gave an amazing description of The Sacrificial Mother.  I wrote about it and added my two cents over at BlogHer.  Go check it out!  And then come back because of course I took care of yet another post-it note as well.

Back?  Good. 

Because I also was able to write about something that most of us (all of us in my own mind because that makes me feel better) have dealt with at one time or another.  Mom Guilt.  I have been overwhelmed with the issues of Mom Guilt these past few weeks.  And yes, again, I will be sending you to another part of the Internet where I wrote all about it.  Go over to Mommybloggers and read all about the issue that faces all moms at one time or another.  And why I am feeling it especially strong now.  Mom Guilt.

Now before you get mad that I am cheating on you loyal readers by posting on other sites and not here, relax!  I have every intention of getting back into my daily postings.  I am finding that I am becoming more myself as time goes by.  I am certainly not myself yet, but I am getting there.  Slowly but surely.  Things have been just so crazy for me. (I said THINGS have been crazy.  I admit that I have always been a bit crazy.  No secret there.) Anyway, I have several new projects in the works that makes those post-it notes covering the office look amazingly sparse and simple. The tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  BUT the things that are brewing are really good things.  Things that are exciting and fun!  Things that I can’t wait to talk about, but you know how bloggers are.  We must say, “But I can’t say anything yet.” Bummer, huh!

But you know that YOU are going to be the first to know.  Because of course, I love you most!

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