Global shout out for help!

Global shout out for help!

Okay, my dear Internet friends, I need help.  I am currently running ExpressionEngine.  I am moving to Movable Type.  Anyone care to tell me how the hell to do that?  When I ask about it of those in the know they say something and basically what I hear is, “blah blah code blah blah html blah blah float center blah blah if the ramidonsynchification is not coincipidiously aligned with your tysologocalimfoger it won’t work.”

*blank stare*

So I usually come back with, “Yeah, so what you are saying is open up my template.  Then you lost me.”

This is almost always followed by eyerolls and sighs.  “Jenn, it is not that hard.  Just listen.  If the ramstoficalimonticantialic is aligned with your wigitologystatusfy, it all works.”

*blank stare*

“So, what I am hearing is: ‘Jenn, you are screwed.’ Am I about right?”


Yeah.  That is usually when they abandon all hopes of helping me.

So is there any guide or anything out there that will help me to hear or read this in ENGLISH,the chosen language of my blog?  I keep having my template eaten.  Alive.  Frankly, it is started to make me weep.  I am pretty sure it is making the baby Jesus weep, too.



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