I’m here, there and everywhere!

I’m here, there and everywhere!

I know!  I know!  I totally owe you a real entry with real thoughts and feelings.  But honestly, I had a rough weekend.  I am working on that post now.  In the mean time, I am going to send you to a few fun places to read some really fun things that I have been able to get written.  You know you want a piece of the Jenn. 

Over the weekend, in honor of Mother’s Day, Mommybloggers had a HUGE Q&A Cagematch!  We had more Mom’s participate in this version than ever before.  (I know.  I read them all and helped format the answers!) Some of the funniest, most reflective and insightful women participated in this.  You do want to go check it out.  It is a fun read.

I am also over at BlogHer where I am talking about the kinship between Moms that passes time, distance and any generation gap that could exist.  I was inspired by Chris of The Big Yellow House.  (Does she rock or what?)

And finally, I want to send you over to help me out with my new gig.  Remember when I told you that I was now blogging for ClubMom?  Well, I am there.  And, well, frankly, I have not seen a lot of you there.  You’re breaking my heart, here, people.  Okay, actually I wanted to tell you about a new feature I am staring at Hip Mom and Trendy ‘Tweens. (They had the final say in names, so hush!) Anyway, we are starting up a Q&A where if you submit a question or ask for an opinion, you get a two for one kind of deal.  You will get not only the Mom side, but the ‘tween side as well.  You can be a fly on the wall of your ‘tween’s world.  Come over and submit something.  Don’t leave me hanging. You all have been with me for ages.  They don’t know me there yet.  Show them that I am not the total dork that you have come to know and love.  Help me Club some Moms!  Let’s all pretend I AM that Hip Mom.  Deal?

In return, I will be back here with the real entry I am working on for you.  It was just one of those that come from the heart and it takes some time to get it out.  You’ll be back, right? Because I would miss you.  Yes, even YOU.  The one who reads and never comments.  The one over there who thinks I don’t know you are here.  And even that one over there who comments, but only when I don’t post.  (But not you over there with the penis enlargement pills.  I won’t miss you!)


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