It’s a girl! Book Tour

It’s a girl! Book Tour

For 7 years I was a mom to boys.  I knew Hot Wheels, monster trucks and mud puddles.  My world was all boy centered.  It was in fall of 2000 as my perinatologist was giving me a routine ultrasound that I heard those words for the first time.  “It’s a girl.” What?!

I knew nothing about girls. Nothing!  Girls were all pink, prissy and princess.  I had no clue what I was getting into.  Until I held her for the first time and knew that I was always destined to have this little girl.

Which is why when I received a copy of Andrea Buchanan’s It’s a Girl : Women Writers on Raising Daughters, I was eager to read it up.  What did these women have to say about having daughters?

I decided to keep the car in my book the book in my car to read during soccer practices and carpool lines.  Before I knew it, I had to bring it inside because I wanted to read more or reread something that had particularly touched me.  It became a fixture on my nightstand table.  (And is not quite dog-eared.)

As I read their essays at times I cringed at the brutal honest.  Other times I laughed out loud at the humor of mothering a girl.  And yes, I even cried at one point.  Each of these amazing women writers captured what it is like to mother a daughter.  They capture that mother-daughter bond in a magical way.  This group of women writers do not let you down if you want a glimpse into the real lives of mothers and daughters.  I recommend every woman who has a daughter reads this book.  I recommend that every woman read this book.  It has meant a lot to me and I hope it will mean a lot to you as well!

Andrea Buchanan and the writers she assembled in this book will take you on an amazing ride of the pleasures, pain and poignancy of mothering daughters.  It’s a Girl : Women Writers on Raising Daughters Go get your own copy. You won’t be sorry!


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