Mommybloggers are more than just moms who blog. Much more!

Mommybloggers are more than just moms who blog. Much more!

I am a mommyblogger.  I am not afraid, offended, repulsed, insulted, degraded, demoralized, dejected, angered, ashamed, regretful, frustrated or disgraced by this title.  There tends to be a general feeling among some that the term mommyblogger marginalizes or categorizes a mom who blogs into a niche that she is forever locked into and thus must fight to rid herself of that title as if it were a scarlet letter “A” upon her forehead.  It is something I try to be understanding about when other women state these feelings.  But honestly, I don’t understand it.

I am a woman.  Does that mean that I am only a woman? A person who is merely identified by her gender?  Being a woman is part of the amazing aspect of who I am that also makes me a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a niece, a girlfriend, a cousin, and an aunt.  All of those can be encompassed under the word “woman” and they are all a part of who I am.  I not a just part of the whole.  I am the whole woman.

Such as it is with being a mommyblogger.  I am a mom, a writer, a recovering addict, a business partner, a speaker, a recruiter, an interviewer, a reader, a reviewer, a wife and a (new to be) gamer.

So if being a woman has the amazing ability to expand it’s definition to fit so many roles, why is it so hard to understand that a mommyblogger has the same liberties and responsibilities to be all that the word can encompass.  If all women only wrote about just being women, you would find nothing but posts about PMS, menstrual cycles and the innate evilness of shopping retail.  You men would have to gouge your eyes out for all the times you read the words vagina, cramps and bloating.  It would be pathetic and so one-dimensional.

So take another look at what these women called “mommybloggers” actually do write about.  They are more than moms writing about being moms.  They are writing about being friends. About being wives. About being business women.  About being femisists.  About being daughters. And yes, we are writing both amusing and heartfelt essays about being mothers. 

Mommybloggers are so much more than a niche or a label that will put a mom who blogs into a tiny box and thus keep her in a tiny corner of the Internet where she can drone on about little Johnny.  Trust me.  Mommybloggers are the future and we are storming the gates like the sleep-deprived, take no prisoners, bad ass women we are.

I just thought I would clear that up for a few of you who may still be wondering what exactly a mommyblogger is and why you should read them.  You should read them for all that they are, all that can be and because they are the ones who are making people sit up and take notice. 

And I can safely say if you don’t read any mommybloggers already, you would benefit from sitting up and taking notice of the amazing women writers who have been labeled mommybloggers.  Remember, it’s not just the hand that rock the cradle that rules the world, but the mom that writes the blog as well! 

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