The blogging gig and why I need YOU

The blogging gig and why I need YOU

Okay, now that you know that I am starting the new gig over at ClubMom, I have a favor to ask you.  This blog will probably start as soon next week.  I know that you want to get involved and comment over there, right?  It is really quite painless.  Just go to ClubMom and register your name.  They even have some great deals they offer every now and then. 

Think about it.  Free stuff.  Posting comments to my new blog.  Making Jenn a very happy girl!

Be my bestest friends and register so that I won’t be sitting over there babbleassing about ‘tweens all by myself.  Because if you really want to know a secret, I’m kind of scared I will be over there just shouting into the emptiness of the blog that no one goes to.  Shhhh, but don’t tell.


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