World of Warcraft Widows…forgive me for I have sinned against thee

World of Warcraft Widows…forgive me for I have sinned against thee

Remember back when I wrote an open letter to the creators of World of Warcraft (yes, yes I know I called it Warhell or Warcrap then) and remember how I was not so much showing them the love?  Let me just tell you something right now.  These guys ROCK!

Not only did I hear back from one of them.  I heard back from a few of them.  They were all nice and actually enjoyed the humor behind the entry.  In short, they won me over.  They won me over. Do you not realize the horror this creates?!  I am programmed to think of game developers as the enemy.  The ones who stole my family from me.  The ones who have taken over my computer thus making me unable to do the things I want to do like…well, really super important things.  In just a few emails, I began to feel badly that I was slamming their hard work.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I was still totally passive aggressive when it came to my family playing.  “No. No.  It’s fine.  I can sit here all alone and watch this cheesy-ass season of American Idol.  No really.  I like making fun of Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul all alone.  Really KEEP PLAYING YOUR GAME!”

And then the box came.  With my name on it.  Uh-oh.  My husband nearly knocked me over to get it open.  My sons slobbered all over my shoulders to see what was inside.  My daughter, well, she just sang the Blue’s Clues song about opening presents.  (God bless the innocence of youth!) I slowly pulled out the contents. (Come on, you know I had to torture them a little bit.  I had the power and it was fun.) But even I, the innocent newbie who knows nothing about WoW except that they have the ability to hypnotize my family and keep them chained to their computer knew that what I got ROCKED hard!  Wanna see a bit of it?

nside the box was the following:


Now that in and off itself impressed me.  But the gamers in the family were freaking out to see what was inside.  The following is an image of just SOME of the included fun stuff from Blizzard and Jason.


What I did not get a picture of (but will) are the two t-shirts that were included.  One for the Alliance and one for the Horde.  Oh yeah, I still don’t know which is which, but I am convinced this will not be a foreign language for long.



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