Blogging machine. Or Other ways to fill an entry with lots of other things I have written.

image Check out who is being featured over at Blog Herald!  (Umm, you really should click the link, but if you don’t, I will spare you the suspense.  It is me!) I love this site, so I am excited to be one of the bloggers chosen to highlight in their series “How I Blog.” Go show them I have a reader or two and visit.  A comment would be nice, but I won’t put that kind of pressure on you.  Reading it is good enough for me!

Over at Mommybloggers, we have a good discussion going on about labels.  Who are you?  But when I ask that, I really mean who are you?  Go join in on the discussion and carry it over to your blog, too.  I want to get to know you people beyond the labels that have been smacked on your forehead.

Are you back?  Just one more link and I will let you be…at least for this morning.  I am totally going to be all up in your grill later today after more coffee.  Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses had a great entry about having male babysitters.  Being the blogger (or BlogHer) that I am, I snagged that baby up and put the discussion up on BlogHer.  I want to hear your thoughts.  When it comes to babysitters, does sex (and by that of course, I mean gender) really mean anything to you or not?

I think that should keep you busy for a while.  More from me (if you can actually handle more from me) later today. 


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