Karma or not, I am digging it!

Karma or not, I am digging it!

Yesterday I told you about how Grace inspires me.  And I mentioned Karma.  Lately, it seems that the more I try to give to others–either in word or deed–the more the good stuff comes back to me.  I got two amazingly awesome emails yesterday that made my day.

One from an author who I completely adore and have read one of her books so many times, I just might know it better than she does.  Her email made me giddy and happy.  (Especially the part that said she reads my blog.  The word worship was thrown in there as well. *faint*) So that had me dancing around happy as a *“tornader in a trailer park”!  (Why, yes, I did take my kids to see Cars.  Why do you ask?)

Then, today when I was overwhelmed thinking there is no way I can keep up the pace I have taken on, I got an email from another writer, Natasha Kogan, whom I recently found. (Thankyouverymuch BlogHer Ad Network— I totally want to marry you!) Natasha has absolutely blown my socks of with the work she is doing.  See that book over there on the right—-> The Daring Female.  Seriously, go to her site.  Read the women she has featured.  Read the dares women of all ages and from all over are daring themselves to do.  Add to them!  It is an empowering feeling to be a part of it!  Then, of course, read her book.  I mean it.  Read her book!  (Sorry.  I didn’t meant o get all up in your grill about it.  I should have said please.)

And you see, the funny thing about it was that I totally wanted to tell you about her site and the work she was doing and then that “I WILL NEVER DO ALL I HAVE TO DO” feeling of dread came over me.  Just in time to get her email.  What did her email say that made me actually cry?  Well, the first one said, “GO over here and read the featured Daring Female.” When I replied with the gut wrenching “I am not worthy” email after the day I had, she hit me exactly where I needed to be hit :

“You are gutsy and awesome, and should never feel inadequate!”

I am thinking of printing it and getting a tattoo on my forehead that says that for days like this.  (Of course, it would have to be written backwards so I could read it in a mirror and that would probably freak people out a bit.  But can you imagine the fun times that would create?)

All in all, I have been trying to make sure that I am putting out in the universe the good stuff I find.  Introducing you to the inspiring women I meet.  And then- Blam!- just when I needed it most, the Universe sent two right back to me. 

Karma, baby!  I am lovin’ it!


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