Lost and Found–friendships renewed through blogging

Lost and Found–friendships renewed through blogging

Okay, so I am all ready to (or fixin’ to if you are a Southern gal) post about other things I learned on vacation when I get an email comment.  (Oh, and about one of the things I learned–total usage of the F-bomb, so people easily offended may need to look for the “f-bomb” symbol and move along when I post about that one.  I’m just saying.) So anyway, I have to tell you why I love blogging and the Internet and Al Gore for creating it and Bill Gates for getting me online and spammers who have subject lines that make me laugh so hard I nearly pee.  Okay, not so much the spammers, but I love everyone else.

As I am likely to be doing about a gazillion times a day, I am checking my email the other night when one comment really gets my attention.  As I am looking at the sender’s name (I do that, you know), it strikes me as familiar but unlikely to be from the person I think.  But as I read the email, the coincidence level was too high for it to be anyone else.  I quickly rush off an email asking “Is it you?  Could it be?  After all these years?” I may or may not have made sense, but I was so excited.  (Now, had this been a mistaken identity, this is where it would go from really cool to totally and hysterically embarrassing because I all but licked the email in excitement.) After nearly 11 years without seeing each other or catching up, my college roommate happened to have stumbled onto Mommybloggers and made a comment having no idea that I had anything to do with the blog. Just like that.  Point A meets Point B and we are reconnected.

The very ironic, cosmic, fate-like thing about this is I have been trying to track her down for the last month or so.  I guess I just wanted to see how she is and where she is and how life is treating her.  Then BLAM the universe plops her right down in my bloggish lap.  And guess what?  She lives like 45 minutes from me.  Here.  Near me. 

And I never would have known had something I written not struck a chord with her and cause her to comment.  So Internet and Mommybloggers and the Universe…..MWAH!  Thanks for returning my Smelly Melly! (Sorry, Mel, I could not resist after all these years!)


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