Run! Run for your life!

Run! Run for your life!

I have a confession to make. 

Although I pride myself on not being a follower, I am competitive.  Not a smack talking, in your face competitive person.  Not so much. (That whole stab you in the back to try to get ahead thing tends to get old when you have amassed the collection of knives that I have pulled free, so I really prefer not to go that route.) More like a “If she can do that, I can do that” type of fun competition.  I prefer to call it inspirationally competitive.  Why?  Because I will go right up to the person and tell them they are inspiring me to do what they are doing and then ask them to tell me more.  I cannot even tell you the number of amazing women I have met by just telling them they inspire me.  By just asking them how they do what they do.  Oh sure, you will run into people who will hold their cards close to their chest and not share.  But I have found that to be rare and only in the most insecure of people. 

So, where is my confession?  I am getting to it.  Wait for it.

I am sure you know Grace Davis.  (Even Andrew Shue of Melrose Place and ClubMom knows Grace Davis!) She just celebrated her 51st birthday.  (Happy Birthday, Grace.) One of the gifts she received was from NYC: She found out she was chosen as one of the 30,000 other runners that are able going to run in the New York City Marathon.  Marathon.  That is more miles that I can comprehend RUNNING.  But not Grace.  Grace even has an amazing blog, Marathon Mom, that talks all about her running-goodness.  Complete with schedules and running logs and running goodness that makes my eyes roll back in my head as I convulse in fear.  And she does it with humor and style!

I know.  Right now you are thinking to yourself, “Surely, there is absolutely no connection between Jenn and anyone who writes about running.” Well, you would be wrong.

I have a confession to make.  I have decided to start running.  And by that, of course, I do not mean from the law, having the runs or running from someone chasing me who must be intent on wanting to kill me which is the only reason I would ever decide to voluntarily run.  I am seriously talking about training, a schedule and actual r-u-n-n-i-n-g.  Hold me.  I am scared.

There are just so many amazing women I know doing so many amazing things right now and I have the honor of knowing them and sharing in these things with them.  Inspirational competition.  It’s karma, baby.  Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.  These women–women like Grace– are amazing women.  Know what else I am going to do?  I am going to start sharing these women and their amazingness with you here.  I love the whole Pay It Forward, Pass It On, Karma thing that the Internet and blogging provide so easily.  Sooo…..

Inspire me, too.  What are you doing?  Tell me more about it!  (And yes, everyone is doing something inspirational.  So don’t say nothing!)


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