This is why being a “Jenn” rocks!

This is why being a “Jenn” rocks!

imageHave you seen these?  That adorable little package to the left?  Okay, here is a closer view.  And I am taking all of the credit for them.  I am Jenn.  These were my cocktails.  Okay, so maybe this Jenn may have something to say about it.  But if we were like best friends and hung out together and braided each other’s hair at slumber parties, she would totally let me pretend that they were mine because we not only share the same name, but we would totally be BFF!  In fact, I even gave them a place of honor in the adult beverage fridge.  (Much to the dismay of the beer and wine.)

Are you going to BlogHer?  If you are, I will totally hook you up because I am bringing an extra suitcase just to fill them with these.  They are small enough that you can slip them right in your purse without anyone knowing.  Not that I would know that.  Because I totally wouldn’t know.  Honest.

See?  I told you that I would share some of the things I learned on vacation.  This is one of those things.  I learned that I make another Jenn makes some awesome (and so pretty) cocktails.  What did you learn while I was away?


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