And then she exhaled

And then she exhaled

Thanks for well wishes, your margarita dances, your naked boogies, your prayers and your postive thoughts.  Dad did end up having angioplasty and had a stent put in.  He was literally saved from a heart attack that was bound to get him. And soon. I was even able to see the video images of his catheterization where the blood flow was blocked and another spot where his heart has created it’s own bypass around another stent he had put in years ago.  The body is an amazing thing, let me tell you.

He is doing very well.  I was already able to bring him HOME.  That I cannot believe.  But am so grateful I wept while driving.  Which, let me tell you is NOT a good idea when driving your heart patient Dad on the freeways in Houston. I’m just sayin’.

So I am again able to exhale and breathe. 

Thanks again, you wonderful people.  I adore you all! 


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