Beware the creamy peanut butter!

Beware the creamy peanut butter!

My daughter is a huge fan of making her own peanut butter crackers.  Give that girl a box of Ritz and a jar of peanut butter and she is silent and happy for hours minutes at a time!  Needless to say, I am always stocked up on the PB here, people.  (Besides, it is hilarious to feed it to the dog and watch him try to get it off of the top of his mouth for at least half an hour!) But it can’t be just any peanut butter.  Oh no!  It must be the peanut butter than has Peter Pan on it because duh mom that is obviously the best kind!  And the creamy.  Because (and notice I quote her here) “I don’t like peanuts so don’t get the cruchy.” Do you know how many times I have told her that peanut butter is made from peanuts only to hear, “Yeah, but not the kind of peanuts I don’t like.  You can clearly see the creamy does not have those peanuts in them!” (At 5 years old, she has a point.)


Since she was talking my ear off and I wanted so peace and quiet she asked so nicely to make some peanut butter crackers the other day, I happily obliged and handed over the crackers and opened the peanut butter.  The Peter Pan peanut butter because DUH it is SO the best because of the Peter Pan, Mom!  And creamy.  Make sure it is the creamy!  Now, you probably cannot tell from that picture what I found.  (No, nothing gross.  That would be icky!)

Look closer at the “creamy peanut butter.” Label says creamy.  Not so much creamy inside.  But that is not the part that will make you shake your head and say, “Oh hell to the no.” This is:

I immediately spouted out, “Oh my gawd, they could totally get sued for a screw up like this!  What is someone bought this that was ALLERGIC to PEANUTS!”

I will pause here while the brillance of my statement washes over you.

Peanut butter buyer.  Allerigic to peanuts.

Oh yeah, baby!  I am all over it with the brilliance this week!

[*Update:  Because I know you cannot get enough of my brilliance or immaturity, I thought you might like to another glimpse into the scary world of my life.  I have a great embarrass your tween entry up at Hip Mom, Trendy Tweens.]


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