Celebrate good times…3 years!

Celebrate good times…3 years!

imageClint said there were fireworks planned.  And parades.  Celebrations all over town.  He asked which one I wanted to attend. 

“Well, shouldn’t I attend them all?” I replied

“Why would you do that?” he asked.

“Fireworks.  Celebrations. Cook-outs. Parades.  I mean, if they went to all that trouble to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog, I should go!” I told him with glee and self importance.

“Dear (always with the dear when he is trying not to have me committed), it is NOT always about YOU.”


“Yes it is.”

Rolling is eyes, he replied, “Yes, all of America is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of you starting your blog.  It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that this is Independence Day or anything.”

“Awwww, aren’t they sweet!” I batted my eyes at him.

“You’re insane.  I love you.  But you are INSANE.”

So, Happy 3rd Birthday to my BLOG (a day late).  And Happy 4th of July to everyone else!


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