Guitar mama(s)

Guitar mama(s)

Yvonne over at Joy Unexpected decided to hand over the reigns and let her boys write a story about her.

They were MORE THAN HAPPY to honor my request. (Little snots.) Prepare yourself, for my children do not hold back. Oh no they do not.

I am not going to quote the story because you really must go there and read it all yourself.  But I will quote this that she said: 

WhatEVAH. Obviously, they’re just jealous and can’t deal with the fact that I have killer Aerobic Dance Moves to accompany my sucky guitar playing.

I hear ya, Yvonne.  I mean, my boys think I am a total dork on the guitar.  Of course, we don’t have the Guitar Hero game, so I must be forced to use Brandon’s real live electric guitar which in fact makes him shudder in horror and fear when he sees me going for it.  I thought about following your lead and letting them write a story about me, but they know too many curse words for my comfort. (HA!  Kidding, Dad.) But you know the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” You tell me what they are saying.

That’s right.  YOU caption this one, my friends.  (Be kind.  I know where the Delete Comment button is and am not afraid to use it.)


[edited to add:  Here are some more pictures to make you weep and/or pee with laughter at the sad, sad state of my level of maturity and the pitying looks from my children.]


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