I have how long?

I have how long?

I am leaving for BlogHer (whoohooo) tomorrow.  To-Morrow.  As in not today but TOMORROW!  Okay, sure I have a 2 day “layover” in Houston as I get my children settled, but I have TOMORROW to get ready.  I mean, how am I going to lose 10 pounds, gain a new wardrobe, find the perfect shoes AND pretend I am totally prepared for the things I have to do once I land in San Jose?  Say it with me, “Holy Crap!”

Okay, so tomorrow is the Shop Like I Have Never Shopped Ever Before day.  Which will be followed by the I Am So Depressed That Nothing Looks Like I Want It To Look drink session.  And then there is packing.  Packing.  What to take?  What to leave?  And packing for the kids for over a week to stay at my Oh My Hell I will Owe Her Big-Time for This Sister and making sure they have all they need?  Oh for the love of all things procrastinating and What Do You Mean NOW, how will I ever be ready?

*whew* That felt good.

But really?  Tomorrow it is all supposed to be finished?  Who wants to tell me what to pack, what to bring, what to carry on the plane? 

I wrote about it here at BlogHer and have had some great replies.  I would love to hear how YOU are feeling if YOU are going to BlogHer, too.

But really tomorrow?  TOMORROW?

Must panic now.


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