Not again. NOT AGAIN and I mean it!

Not again. NOT AGAIN and I mean it!

By the time you read this, I will be back in Houston. 

Back in a hospital. 

Back in a surgery waiting room. 

Back waiting to see what happens next.

It seems Dad went in for his regular heart checkup. (He’s had 3 heart attacks before.) They found an area around his first heart attack that has “irregular blood flow” (No, no.  Honest that doesn’t scare the everliving crap out of me!) So he is going in for a heart catheterization to see if he needs angioplasty or a stent or something else that I am not even going to think about unless it just involves a pill and a pat on the back.

Big fun.

Didn’t I play this game last July?  Can we PLEASE have a better outcome this time?

So, whatever your beliefs are whether it is prayer, positive thoughts, naked interpretative dance or whatever, we certainly could use them now.

Thanks.  I will update as I am able to.  But if it is quiet here, you know it just means I can’t get to a computer.  If there are not updates here from me, you can always check Mommybloggers where either Jenny or Meghan will let you know something.

Ugh.  Again??


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