Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do?

Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do?

Sometimes when I have my nightly wanderings around due to insomnia and am usually subjected to the infomercials or crap on TV, it pays to find some excitement.  Imagine my surprise to look out my window and see not one, not two but THREE police cars with their lights on sitting directly in front of your house. Especially, when just last week we had the fun experience of this:


Of course, this time it was a bit scarier seeing as there was an SUV parked a house over across the street with the door open and a “suspect” cuffed and cops yelling at him to stop with the bullshit.  Oh yeah, time for that “I am so tired I will certainly sleep well now” mood to be smashed as the adrenaline flows.  Being who I am marched up and respectfully asked the cop the furthest away from the “action” if “Excuse me but could you possibly tell me what the hell is going on in front of my house.” All I got was, “Things are fine.  But please go back inside and lock your door.” Ohhhhh, things are fine. Lock your door.  I feel much better now.  Thank you.

Oh yeah, I am going to sleep really well tonight.  With the Doberbutt right by my side.  He will gnaw the face off of anyone who tries to get into this house uninvited.image

Gotta love Suburban Stepford at night.  Don’t fuck with Stepford. Our cops don’t take it lightly.

But, hey, you got a good entry out of it, right? 

Now, let’s see what happened on Big Brother All Stars or Days of Our Lives.  Hell, everything that happens in Salem is worse than here.  At least I don’t have Stefano coming back to torture me.  (Got an inside scoop at BlogHer that he is coming back.)

So, how was your night?


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