I fell in love to the tune of “Goodbye”

I fell in love to the tune of “Goodbye”

I admit it.  I fell in love this summer.  Blissful.  Exciting. Lustful. Love.  I had seen the object of my desire before but paid very little attention.  I had seen the type before and was always let down.  But not this time.  This time I think the relationship will last.  (At least until a new and improved version is introduced to me.)

I knew it was true love when I was riding in the shuttle bus (the little short shuttle bus) leaving dinner with fellow BlogHers.  It was then that the horrific happened.  I was bumped and spilled coffee on my brand new, never before worn white shirt.  Silence came over me.  And then I remembered.  I reached into my purse and pulled out what was to become the new love of my life.  My Tide to Go Stain Pen.  I uncapped it and gave it a whirl.  Oh, sure, you would think that someone who has a Tide Pen in her purse would have used it before.  But no.  I had in “just in case.” Because I do things like that.

I began to dab…rub….dab…rub…..The coffee stain was disappearing before my eyes.

(I should note here that the first time the commercial came on where Kelly Ripa is singing as she is rubbing out a stain on her husband’s shirt, both my husband and son looked at me and in unison said, “That is SO YOU!”)

Before I knew it, there I was falling in love with my Tide pen and singing “Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!” Then more voices joined in with me.  “Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!!”

It was a thing of beauty.  By the 5th verse and half the bus singing, the stain was gone.

And I had fallen in love.



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