I have a new baby!

I have a new baby!

There is a new baby in my house.  Clint brought her home to me.  Talk about shocked.  I never in a million years expected it.  He came home a week ago and told me he needed me to help him get something out of his car.  I was oblivious to his game, so I hop up and go out to help.  He hands me a box and tells me to carry it in because it is mine.  Me?  Still clueless just stare at the box.

Huh?  What is it?

Clint tells me to look closer.

“It looks like a laptop box.  What’s in it?” (I am so smart…S-M-R-T)

He just stares at me blankly.  (As I AM so well known for being the queen of stupid questions.)

“Well, I hope it is the laptop I just got you.”

“Wha…?  I mean….. Huh?  You got a …..  It’s a….. The hell?” (I am also quite an eloquent speaker when I am stunned.) “What do you mean a laptop?  What for?  Who is it for?  What?  Huh?” All while I am hugging it to my chest in case he is telling the truth and then someone dares to take it from me.

I must’ve hugged that box for 15 minutes stating and restating the above.  Finally, he asked if I was going to open it. 

OHHHHH OPEN IT!  It is more than a BOX!  That is so cool.

Want to look at my new baby?  Her name is Avery.  She is so beautiful and fast and has a lot of space and is fast and is beautiful.


So, I can work and be blissful as I work.  And, if I want to, I can even watch a DVD.  AND I can lick her and rub my breasts on her and not be kicked out of Fry’s for doing that!

Want to know what else she can do? Do you? Do you?  She can do this:


Oh, yes, people!  I can play World of Warcraft on my freakin laptop.  The world is sweet.  Which means Aggroqueen, she can start kicking some blogging butt, baby!  (Which, by the way, you are going over there to check it out, right?  And you are leaving comments, right?  And you still love me, right?  I really don’t want to have to SHOW you why I chose the name AGGRO-queen, my friends.  Okay, I am all talk.  But really, I am lonely without you over there!)

I do so love Avery!  Email me.  Msg me.  Game me.  I want to play with her all day long and there is only so much “I am working” that I can do before I want to play, play, play!


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