I never said I was nice

I never said I was nice

Last night was the open house for the Hair Violating Son.  However, the Hair Violator was too sick to go.  (More on that later.) So, Clint and I headed off to the school to meet the teachers and do the whole Open House thing. While going from one class to another, we ran into the Dean of All Things Hair.  She was sitting on the bench outside her office.  So, I walked up to her, placed my hand on her shoulder and with my “Southern Smile” asked her, “Are you sitting here for a hair violation?” (Yes.  Yes, I did.)

I took that opportunity to introduce her to Clint.  It was then that she opened the door for me to walk right in.

Dean:  “Brandon has been doing so much better the past few days with his hair.  I am so proud of how he is doing.”

Me:  “Well, I have been letting him do his own thing this week…”

Clint: “…since he has been home sick all week.”

You gotta love the tag team sarcasm.  Being together 20 years, we didn’t even miss a beat there.

She just kept her kumbaya smile and began to talk about new projects that she thinks Brandon would be great for when he is back and feeling better.  We pretty much nodded, smiled and walked away.


But, hey, at least she is in touch with the students, right?  Gah!


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