Say cheese and grab a pole, baby

Say cheese and grab a pole, baby

imageSometimes in life you just need to grab on and go for the ride.  That is exactly what BlogHer ‘06 was for me.  I know everyone is over with the recaps, but I just got home, so I get a pass from the Internet to let me ponder one more day and then recap.  But as much as everyone loves reading about things like this, we all know you really, really love seeing the pictures.  (At least, I have had one hell of a good time looking at all of them and smiling at the fun that was had.)

I do have my photos up on Flickr now. And then I wander around and see ones that make me cringe.  Not from regret but because I have the incredible ability to be insanely hyper, have no sensor from my brain to my mouth and do jackassery things while sober.  But honey, this Mommyblogger can promise you a good, pee in your pants time. 

all wet clothed in the hot tubAnd then there are times when you are just feeling the love and need the hug that you will hop into a hot-tub for a good hug.  Oh yes, I am fully clothed in that hot tub.  I went for the hug and slipped full faced, under the water, down to the bottom of the hot-tub.  Damn right we were going to photograph it.  Now normally, someone would just jump out, grab a towel and change.  Nope.  I decided to just jump from the hot tub to the pool.  I had been waiting to do that all weekend.  Mr. Hyattityville Horror Hotel Rent a Cop was not amused.  So I smiled, waved, shook my red hair dry in his general direction and headed to Cell Block 8 for dry clothes.

Good times, people.  Good times.  Tomorrow, I promise real thoughts about the conference.  Because you deserve them and because, well, I want to write them.  And it’s my blog and I’ll babbleass if I want to.  (Did you hear the sing song there?  Totally sing song southern drawled that one for y’all!)


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