In which the one who can talk to anyone freezes up

In which the one who can talk to anyone freezes up

If you know me or have met me or even read this blog, you know I have no trouble spouting off whatever I feel like saying with very little regard to how it comes out.  Meaning, I am who I am and am not usually intimidated when it comes to speaking to anyone.  (Thus the frightening results of the McVlog BlogHer interview.  See, the mouth opens and I just say anything.  Not. Shy.)

Until last week.

Yes, finally there was someone who made me stammer and be blown away by her presence to a point that I have blocked out whatever inane thing I said and am hoping it was not too idiotic.  People, I FROZE.  I never freeze.  They brought a camera crew to my house to interview me before and I was all, “Would you like some coffee?” Miss Relaxed in the face of interviews and/or cameras.

Who could do that to such a “Gimmie the mike!  I’ll talk!” woman?

imageThis woman right here.  That’s right.  Gloria Steinem.  I had the perfect opportunity to ask her something absolutely brilliant and I think it came out something like:  “Ramblgifc adhnd, but ehhidr brrstoglglfg? What do you think?” Like I said, I don’t freeze up.  I take things like this in stride.  But, people, Gloria “are you kidding me in the real life” Steinem?!  And I was chosen to ask my question second.  Meaning, I could not steal borrow follow-up in the brilliance of the other amazing women who were in on this call with us.

But being the amazing world that it is, fate has smiled down on me and I have been given another chance to ask the incredible Gloria (Yes, in fact she did tell me to call her Gloria.  We are so BFF now.  –And no I don’t really believe that.) So, if you were given a chance to ask Gloria Steinem a question, what would it be?  I have a question or two in mind now that my brain has de-gelled from its blithering idiot mode, but I would love to hear what you would ask her.

So, speak up!


Now why was I on the call with Gloria (so on a first name basis now!)?  Well, in part to help promote the incredible new launch of Greenstone Media. Their motto:  Talk. Listen. Connect. Well, hello!  Is that not what we are doing here?  This is why Greenstone Media and the awesome personalities they have on air right now have made me go into complete crush mode.  I have listened to the hysterical and great trio of the Radio Ritas. Laughed at the incredible commentaries of Women Aloud.  And listened intently at the passionate way that Lisa Birnbach brings her topics alive with warmth and ease as if you are sitting there face to face.

I mean it!  I am totally crushing on this new venture.  I have had numerous opportunities to talk to some people there and *fingers crossed* may have another opportunity for an interview coming up.  Have you checked them out yet?  If not, go.  Now.  Go.  Greenstone is on the verge of something awesome and huge.  You can say you listened way back when some blabbering blogger suggested it to you.

And remember…one question for Gloria Steinem.  What would YOU want to ask her?  Let me know!


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