Still here. Still breathing. Working on writing.

Still here. Still breathing. Working on writing.

Look!  Look!  I live!  But can I just say I feel a bit like Rip vanWinkle?  I slept so much in the past week you would think I would be all caught up by now.  But no.  I am still napping and getting over this.  The only thing that lingers in the dizziness and chest pains.  (More like pressure than pain.  Annoying at worst.)

Looks like I picked a good week to be off of the cyber grid.  Drama!  Under normal circumstances, I would have replied or jumped on in.  Thankfully, I didn’t even start reading about it until it was dying down.  (If you have no idea what I am talking about, just search around for ads and blogs and you will find it.) Something that I did appreciate about the discussions that I did come across was the maturity and open-minded responses that everyone had.  Even if two people were on complete opposite sides of an issue, there was an amazing give and take that (sadly) can be rare in the blogosphere.  It really encouraged me to see such great dialogue going on about issues that people are passionate about.  That’s about all I wanted to say on that.

One thing I did do when I was in bed and not sleeping (NO not that!  I was sick!) was to find new blogs.  Fresh. Fun. Writing for the love of writing.  Can I just say how refreshing it was to so thoroughly enjoy a blog whose writer was thoroughly enjoying the writing.  Writing for the love of writing.  It was contagious.  (Much like the plague that I had.) I spend hours one night just reading blogs that were new to me (and relatively new in general).  It took me back to when I first started this blog and had no idea about hits, and blog rings, and ads and rankings etc.  I wrote because I love to write.  It is time to get back to that for me.

Anyway, I will update more, but I wanted to let you know that I am indeed back in the land of the living.  (Looking like the undead.) AND I am back on World of Warcraft playing again.  (How sad is it that I dreamed of playing while I was sick? That I dreamed of talking to the develpers on the phone begging them to level my character since I was sick?  I think my brainwashing is going to be complete soon.  Hold me.  I am scared.)

Oh and for those of you who were worried that it might be the e-coli because of spinach, no worries.  I try to avoid green food.  I think it is probably Mad Cow.  Or not.  But it is more fun to blame it on Mad Cow. 


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