Again with the ER. Get a room why don’t you!

Again with the ER. Get a room why don’t you!

[Clint here again]

Apparently resting does not sit well with Jenn.  Try caging up a tiger.  I caught her on Thursday disconnected from the Internet but trying to redesign her blog.  Because it seems THAT is relaxing.  Not.  I traded her laptop (stole it and hid it) for a DVD player for the rest of the day and sent her to bed.  (That woman can be as passive aggressive as they come when you take her laptop.  Apparently my parentage came into question.  Nah.  I kid! She was nice (in a pouting way.) Just guilt ridden for not “doing anything.”

That brings us to this past Friday.  She spent yet another entire day in the hospital running more tests.  X-rays and 15 vials of blood.  She claims that she is about a pint low now.  After an entire day there, they determined that they could not find anything life threatening that would force them into keeping her in the hospital overnight, so they let her come home to rest in her own bed.  Somehow her resting is very hard work for her and for me.  She mentioned she is thankful it is the weekend so she can sleep in.

That was until we get the call at 7:45am this morning from her doctor telling her to go to the ER right that minute for a CT scan of her lungs. (Some blood work indicated a possible blood clot that could cause the shortness of breath.) So off she goes again to the hospital to get more blood drawn, more x-rays and a CT scan.  They were looking for a PE in her lungs, but thankfully, she was clear.  The only thing that did show up that they will investigate further (according to the ER doctor) is this tiny, barely there little mass that is “not uncommon” and “doesn’t look bad at all” and “is nothing whatsoever to worry about.” Which of course to Jenn means, freaking the hell out until she talks to her doctor again.  This will be as soon as she can.

On Monday she has an appointment with a cardiologist to get all of the cardiology work-ups run–again– but by a specialist and one of the best.  Needless to say this whole “try to keep stress free” is not so much working for her.

Thank you for your good thoughts. I am passing them on.  They are helping.  She would be angry if I told you this, but she is really pretty scared right now.  With a father who has had 3 heart attacks and having her Mom die this year, she is terrified of even the things that should not scare her. This is big enough to have her freaking out.  So, trust me when I tell you that your sweet thoughts, prayers, and positive thoughts help her a lot. 

If you spot her online, though, feel free to report her.  She has plenty of books, DVDs and crocheting to keep her busy.  She does not need to be online.  Right?  I do want you to know that I am passing on your good thoughts.  She thanks you.  As she worries about not being “allowed” to email you back.  (This is where the husband eye-roll of massive frustration sets in.)

Oh, and she asked me to ask you something.  Does anyone have any good DVD recommendations?  NOT animated with talking animals.  She is over what we have here and says she refuses to watch Strawberry Shortcake again.  Or Pokemon…ever.  She thanks you.  I thank you.  The doberbutt thanks you.

I’ll keep you updated.


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